Crooked paddy - the good the bad and the crooked

I agree with Laitch’s comment about the crooked tune but I also believe one that is syncopated putting a high stress on an off beat to be quite crooked. There are plenty of syncopation examples which work (Frank’s Reel) but others that just sound off, in my opinion (Catharsis). There is another Gmaj tune which I heard recently enough which had an awful off-beat in the second part, throwing the rhythm up in the air.

Fianna Fail is perhaps closest to French Gaullism in its combination of nationalist ideology and right-of-center populism – it has dominated Irish politics since the 1930s. Its rival (the original party of Irish government), Fine Gael has traditionally been more internationalist (in various ways, some more salutary than others), and has rarely been faulted for its populism (the party’s faults lie in the contrary direction). The Labour party has never really succeeded in challenging the two larger parties – it has however been in several coalition governments (only one of which was with Fianna Fail). There is a Green party, which was part of the government coalition until yesterday. The right-liberal (in the European sense – think Germany’s FDP ) Progressive Democrats met with disaster in the last elections and are dead (Mary Harney, their former leader, has announced her retirement from politics). Sinn Fein – long associated with the IRA – hoped to make a breakthrough in the 2007 elections and failed to. It is not an attractive coalition partner for Fine Gael (which has a very strong attachment to the ‘law and order’ arm of the state), or Fianna Fail (which has rationally feared that Sinn Fein, if legitimated, could eat its lunch). The Green party will need to be very lucky not to be wiped out in the forthcoming elections.

Crooked Paddy - The Good The Bad And The CrookedCrooked Paddy - The Good The Bad And The CrookedCrooked Paddy - The Good The Bad And The CrookedCrooked Paddy - The Good The Bad And The Crooked